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Zombie Apocalypse, come get me

Today has been a very fun day! I got the opportunity to learn about, and try different kinds of weapon! So now i’m ready for the next Zombie Apocalypse. When i woke up i had no idea that i would be standing on the shooting range just a few hours later, such a funny and amazing spontaneous surprise.

Rain, darkness & Sweat

It has arrived. I’ve been waiting, every moment since i first touched ground.. and today when i woke up, the grey clouds were covering my little town, sweeping in the cold winds and reminding me of how amazing it has been living on the sunny side of Australia for the past 6 months.  

Blessed, Grateful and a little lost

Now I’ve been home for 3 days. 3 busy days! Right now i’m enjoying a quiet moment for myself before my friend will come pick me up. So how have these 3 days been? Let’s update you guys a little!  Friends to see, plans to be made & family to visit. I was stressing about my 2nd WH visa because…

The Curse of flights

17 flights and 366 days later. I’m sitting in my mothers living room. I feel a bit like a newly adopted puppy, a bit lost and everyone is fighting over my attention. After a 25 hour flight, family gatherings and food i can finally sit back and relax. And of course my flights got delayed, but that’s alright, i didn’t…