About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Nathalie and i come from a small town in Sweden. I recently turned 21 and since beginning of October 2016 I’ve been living and working my way around Australia, with a few pit stops in other countries!

I am a spontanious young woman with a desire to bake and explore our world. Might not always be the easiest combination but I try to make it work! My current plan is to stay in Tasmania for a while and then move on to other countires, but you never now!

On this blog you will be able to read about my life abroad, get tips, take part of my adventures and steal my most secret recipies.

When it comes to series and movies, i am a huge geek so if you don’t like adventures, movies and everything sweet in life.. This blog is not for you

Back home in Sweden i tried adulting for a while, but I realised it wasn’t really my thing.. Not yet anyway! A friend of mine convinced me to come with her to Australia, she went home after a few months.. But here I am! Still wandering around, living my dream!

I hope you stick around!