I tried Poop Coffee in Bali (Aka. Kopi Luwak)

When I visited Indonesia earlier this year we visited a coffee plantation on one of the days. On our tour around the plantation we got educated in how the simple coffee beans can go from raw and tasteless into the liquid gold that myself and so many other around the world drink in a morning ritual daily!

Walking around in the jungle on a creaky boardwalk with a lush-green valley filled with exotic trees and coffee plants just down below our feet was truly an amazing experience. Smelling jar after jar filled with different sorts of beans with flavors i’d never even knew existed while the sun was shining high up on the sky.

Hammocks, bean bags, big human ”birds nests”, you name it! There were tons of different options, cozy hideaways where you could sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or try one of their coffee-tasting trays while enjoying the peaceful nature around you. The scenery seemed so Mundane and ordinary for everyone who worked there and got to experience it daily but for me, it was like a getting a little pre-tour of heaven and I am envious of the people that work there and get to see this amazing view daily!

A young Indonesian woman laughed mildly but was very encouraging every time I put the camera in front of my face to snap yet another picture. She showed us around and proceeded to talking about the Kopi Luwak Coffee (aka. Poop coffee), we got to see the berries and she begun to tell us about the making of this very expensive coffee.


So what is Kopi Luwak Coffee? Why is it so special?

You might think that Kopi Luwak is just another name for a coffee species like Arabica coffee or Robusta Coffee, but that’s not true. Kopi Luwak can in fact consist from coffee beans of any species, what makes Kopi Luwak coffee so special, and one of the worlds most expensive coffee is because of the process and handling of the beans. ”Kopi” means Coffee in Indonesian and ”Luwak” refers to the palm civet (a cat animal) that eats the fruit and digests the coffee beans for us.

Yes, you heard right. For this special bean to end up roasted and brewed it must first pass through the palm civet’s digestion system. After passion through its system the poop is then collected, washed, roasted and brewed. While the thought of drinking the Kopi Luwak coffee may sound a bit disgusting and horrifying when you first hear how it is processed, I assure you that it is as harmless as drinking any other coffee because of the long processing period.

The animals that feed on the fruit are what you might call Coffee experts, they only feed on the best and the ripest fruit and by doing so they provide us with the highest quality coffee beans. Due to only being able to collect around 500kg of beans annually from wild civets (by roaming the jungle and collecting their poop) the price of this coffee is very high and you can have to pay as much as 30USD for a single cup or up to 700USD for a kilo of this pulverized gold.

BUT, due to a high demand in the past few years, thanks to it becoming internationally famous and popular, civet farming has become quite  popular in these countires. According to most-expensive.coffee these farms produce roughly 50 tons of Kopi Luwak coffee every year. The increase in Indonesian jobs are great but unfortunately for the animals, the conditions on these farms are often very poor. They are forced to feed on provided coffee beans and because of this there is no longer a high quality guarantee on the coffee beans that are being processed on these farms. The civets can no longer pick and choose the ripest, best fruit but are instead forced to eat whatever’s given to them. That is like feeding a highly qualified food critic Mac Donald’s almost every day and expecting him to provide us with great food tips, horrible right?!

So what can we do?

As a traveler, a sister, an employee, a entrepreneur, a tourist and as a citizen of the earth we all need to stay mindful of our impact around the world and do our best not to cause any extra damage. Look for Organically produced Kopi Luwak coffee, beans that has been collected from free & wild civets. You are doing yourself a favor by guaranteeing that you’re getting that high quality coffee you’ve paid good money for and the civets will be eternally grateful as they carry on to find us the best, ripest and highest quality coffee in the jungle where they belong!
It’s cool to care, okay?

Was it worth the money?

Now to the question everyone is waiting for, DID I ENJOY IT? I sure did and I can guarantee that you can feel the difference between your normal cup of coffee and the Kopi Luwak coffee. The aromatics were in harmony, the taste was rich but not bitter and I could even enjoy a sip of it black without any milk added to it which I never have been able to do with ”normal” coffee before.
I would love the occasional cup but I would not make the switch, because if I did I would have to get a better job and stop traveling.. haha! If you’re in Indonesia I’d highly recommend to visit a coffee plantation and try it for yourself! It is worth the money!
I brought a little box of it with me back to Sweden for my mother and her fiance to try and they loved it!

Have you ever tried it? I would love to know what you think about it!

Picture borrowed from coffeebeancorral


  • Mindy Michaels November 16, 2018 at 18:33

    I love this brilliant post! So charming and funny! You’re quite the storyteller!! Thanks so much for sharing 🤙🏻.

    I must try poop coffee one day for the experience alone 😂

    • Apieceofmypie November 18, 2018 at 19:40

      You’re too kind, your words mean a lot to me! Haha, I feel like this is an experience we all need to have at least once!
      – Love Nathalie


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