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I would apologize for my absence, but that would require me to be sorry for it.. which is something i’m not! I needed to get off my computer & the digital world and get lost in the real world for a little bit, which is exactly what I did! And hopefully you can forgive me <3 

The past week has been quite an eventful one! I’ve spent countless of hours on the beach & in the ocean and I accidentally burned my boobs, 80% of the staff at the cafe got the flu at the same time so we all spent a couple of days in bed recovering, it was awful but the whole little family took really good care of each other and made sure we all had food, water & Hydralyte so I felt quite blessed even though I couldn’t get out of bed,  I’ve also had some hilarious nights and it’s the kind of nights I live for!  That’s what life should be all about, spontaneous decisions that will take you on adventures you’ve never even imagined. Going to bed way to late and waking up way to early, being a bit sleep deprived because you choose it, not because you’re working more than humanly possible! Sitting with your friend in a Helicopter drinking beer with the pilots  (don’t worry we didn’t take off haha), laughing at things that doesn’t make sense and getting bruised by a sandstorm on ”friendly” beaches.. that’s my week for you, a wonderful week!.. even if I was sick for part of it.

And then ending the week with Morning Yoga, Organic Detox Tea & a great Tofu & Halloumi Wok, so I could feel as good on the inside as I do on the outside!  I’ll throw in some of my Recent phone photos because that’s all I have for you now!


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