A hidden Paradise | Down the Tully river

When I backpacked up the east coast of Australia Mission Beach was my second last stop, when I mentioned it to other backpackers or fellow travellers some of them had never even heard of it, and the ones that had heard of it said it was a waste of time to go there.. so when I left my friends and got off the bus I was to say the least a bit nervous and I almost wanted to cancel my booking because it seemed like such an insignifent place.

That quickly turned around as I was greated by a very happy girl with long hair, she took me to the hostel & it was by far the best hostel I’ve ever stayed at in Australia! It’s basically a treehouse in the middle of a Jungle, with a pool, a great kitchen, a free shuttle bus that will drive you in to town a few times every day .. it was a jungle paradise!

Besides from the hostel, there are so much to do in and around Mission beach! Waterfalls, secluded beaches, treks in the jungle, skydiving & river rafting to name the best, but I am sure there is more I’m not aware off! I spent 3 days there but I wish I could’ve stayed longer, I wrote about the skydiving I did here earlier and you can click here to read that post but now I want to talk about the river rafting!

I had never done rafting before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect at all but it was thrilling, very wet & absolutely hilarious! I must do it again sometime! I booked the extreme rafting so we stopped along the river, jumped from cliffs, floated down the river for a short while with only the west to keep us safe  & Slid down a waterfall.. halfway down we stopped for lunch and the riverbank was surrounded by beautiful fishes trying to steal a bite, among the fishes were a very long beautiful eel that were familiar with the rafting crew and even allowed a slow stroke along its body, quite an amazing experience!

The crew is very talented and they know a lot about their surroundings so I did not feel disappointed when I returned to the hostel in the afternoon!

Mission Beach is located on the east coast of Australia only a few hours south of Cairns & if you’re looking to get close to nature, disappear from the city and find a familiar connection with friendly people I’d recommend you would come and spend at least a week here!

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