Haunted Hospital Tour | By Accident

Time for a throwback! This happened about a year ago when I was living in Strahan & i haven’t really shared it with anyone yet!

A once in a life time opportunity. What was going to be a Semi- eventful day with a trip to Museum & lunch with some friends on the Agenda. But when we came driving in to Queenstown we started talking about the shut down hospital that was according to myths haunted and obviously we had to add another stop! Only one problem .. The old hospital has now been bought up by an old man who’s about to turn it into a hostel (How exciting and scary at the same time right!?) so it’s private property and off limits to anyone else. But we thought we’d drive up there and just sneak in through the windows, hoping to get a little peak.


We drive up and outside the door stands.. a man, normally you’d just turn around and hope they forget about it.. But no, not John! He rolls down the window and starts chatting to the man, who turns out to be the owner! Instead of getting mad at us for trespassing he seems amused by our fascination and gives us a full tour around the Hospital!? HOW COOL ISN’T THAT?

I was beyond thrilled and even though the food was amazing & the museum interesting this was the cherry on top!

The old medicine cabinets still had labels on them, in the operation room they still had the big operation lamp & they were books scattered here and there, it felt really powerful walking through the empty halls and even though we didn’t see a ghost, I’m sure this place is haunted!

Of course you shouldn’t trespass on private property and we all knew that, but sometimes you’re just too curious.. and I think the man realized we were descent people who meant no harm!

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