How I ended up at a forest party! | in the middle of nowhere

I’ll tell you about the party in the old of this post, but firstI thought we’d talk about my new work, my new house and my mental health! 

I’ve lived here a week now so it’s time I tell you about the big change I’ve experienced! I was a bit scared to quit the job because even if I didn’t enjoy it, it was comfortable. Then when I did quit and decided to come here for a short period of time I was a bit scared as well.. because it seemed like a lot of hassle and effort to stay for such a short period of time, but my new boss is super understanding and he is okay with me only being here for a short period so I thought i’d give it a go.. and I am loving it! It was definitely worth taking another step out of my comfort zone! Sometimes all you need is to take that step towards change.

We’ve had a vegan dinner, social gatherings & a crazy forest party .. all in one week?!

Haha I must tell you about it, it happened a couple of nights ago, it was all very spontaneous! We heard about this party in the forest, a party that’s been happening every year for a few years and everyone who wanted to come could. Sounds like a great adventure right? We thought so too?! 

So we took a car and head off, with only the address, a bottle of wine and the lust for a great adventure! We drove for about 15 minutes out of town and turned down a dodgy side road, looking for the right address.. we came up to a house, in the middle of nowhere, it looked empty but it was lit up by some sort of florescent light, like in a typical horror moive.. I’ll admit that we were pretty scared and even locked the car doors haha, because this is how white girls get murdered.. So we turned around and drove out on the main road again where we called one of the chefs to say that we were lost.

He directed us in on the same road and past it, there was a big white arrow pointing us in the right direction, right towards the party! (or so we tried to tell ourselves not to freak out), during the drive there was broken cars along the road, just as in a typical horror movie.. and we probably drove for about 15 minutes before we actually found the party!?

In the middle of nowhere, was a stage, a bunch of tents and PEOPLE! Lots of people, dancing, chilling and enjoying themselves! There was even a DJ there and I was blown away, how, what, where did all these people come from? well done Tasmania!? I kept thinking that this is why I travel, to end up in secret places like this!?

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