Rainy days and weird dreams!

Been stuck in the house for the last couple of days because of heavy rain, except for when I decided to defy it and go grab a white hot chocolate at the cafe.. it’s so underestimated and so delicious!

 I’ve booked my plane ticket out of here so on the 1th of March i’m flying to Adelaide!! I am beyond thrilled to tick yet another part of Australia of my list and a friend of mine who lives there has planned a week full of daily trips and adventures for us! I am so excited and I just found out we are going to visit a vineyard I am somewhat familiar with! Chapel hill!? She had no idea that was the white wine I always drank during summer nights in Sweden, so it’s just a coincidence but I am beyond excited to go there and see the vineyard for myself! How long i’ll be in Adelaide is a great question and I don’t have the answer for it right now!

Being inside for a whole day without really doing anything was great! For about 2 hours.. After that I got super restless, and the fact that I got sticky as soon as I moved didn’t help. Yesterday it was 26ºc, with 88% humidity.. insane!? As it cooled of I face timed with my mother for over an hour & had a long Yoga session. It still amazes me how I keep improving every day and how big of a difference it is mentally on days I do Yoga and on days I skip it. 

Today was even weirder weather wise, and to put the top on the cherry I had a really weird dream about someone from my past which set me in a weird state of mind when I woke up. Didn’t let that stop me from enjoying some Yoga though, it’s roughly 15ºc, really windy and really dry in the air so i’ve been walking around freezing all day.. Tassie problems.. hehe. I’m pretty bad at just relaxing and doing nothing so I think it’s been good for me these past couple of days even though i’ve been complaining a bit! What do you do on rainy days? 

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