Hike up to the clouds and beyond

Mount Amos, One of the great granite Mountains in the Hazards, the ones that’s caught my eye almost everyday since I first arrived. And a few days ago I finally had the opportunity to hike up to the top! I’m not gonna lie, some of the parts were quite challenging and I needed to take a long shower when I got back home but it was all worth it and it was a great hike with lots of laughter, sweat and smiles!

The view up there is something out of the ordinary, you have a 360ºc view where you can see down to Hazards Beach, Wineglass bay, Coles Bay & beautiful nature, cliff sides and much more! On Clear days you can see as far as too friendly beaches.  On the top picture you can see Coles Bay below and you can also see the wineglass bay cruises boat! GREAT TIMING!  if you want to read about the day I went on the cruise and saw my first whales ever click here

It’s a roughly 4km return that should take 2-3 hours to climb up and down, but I do recommend not rushing as it is quite steep & the bare granite surface can be really slippery, especially after rain.  You would not want to rush up nor down as it could end really badly, take your time and take breaks when needed, the view isn’t going anywhere! Bring water, wear shoes with good grip and bring something to snack up once you get up to regain some energy.

The trail starts of quite easy but gets more difficult and challenging as you walk/climb along. For the most part of it you’re climbing up rocks with no direct track so there are yellow plastic arrows places on the ground to point you in the right direction both when you’re going up and when you’re going down! Since this Mountain is located on the coast in Freycinet National park you will need a park pass to enter, these can be purchased at the visitor center right before you enter the park.

Look how tiny the people below look, even on a zoomed in Picture like this!

Keep in mind that this is Tasmania and the weather changes can happen fast and often, I’d recommend doing this early in the morning to avoid the midday heat but make sure you check the weather before you start your hike because it can be quite dangerous to do this hike in the rain! We started climbing around 9 am and the clouds were hanging a bit low, but as we came closer to the top the sky cleared up and we had a spectacular view! We almost changed our minds because of how cloudy it was but I’m glad we didn’t! 




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