Halloumi fries – Oh sweet heaven


Even with internet working in the house, I’ve simply been enjoying life too much to find a moment to write! What I’ve been doing i’ll share in next post that will come up soon, I thought this one would focus on the second Winery i visited a few days ago!

The Milton Vineyard is located on the Freycinet coast right next to the Tasman Highway, a perfect stop on a summer day if you’re heading in either direction. The cellar door offers wine tastings and on the porch and around the back there are plenty of seats available for anyone who wants to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, or perhaps even a bite of food!

Because besides the Cellar door they also have a small elegant restaurant run by Sophie Bermudes, a chef who trained in Bordeaux and according to their website she has spent the mojority of her career working throughout the south-west of France. The food was to say the least elegant and very delicious, with her passion for food and her french inspiration she have created a small menu of selected items, what caught my eyes straight away was the Halloumi fries! I know right, Halloumi fries?! I’ve never even seen it on the menu before and I was very pleased with them. The mild creamy halloumi went hand in hand with the salty crispy halloumi!

Looking at the house from a distance, it’s easy to think it’s an old house that’s been renovated to look a bit more modern. But if you take a closer look you can see that it was actually built to look like that from the start, with a modern inside and a touch of old on the outside. All fruit is hand-picked each year and made into wine by the award-winning contract winemakers John Schuts of Derwent Estate, Justin Bub & Anna Pooley of Pooley´s wines. They must be doing something right because in 2017 they won Tasmanian Vineyard of the year award & they have more than one award winning wine!

We had their Pinot Noir at the lodge and it was a known favorite among the guests. I’m not really a Pinot person, but if you normally like Pinot’s i’d reccommend trying it if you get a chance!

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