A day with Wine, laughs & good company!

When you have a day off, is full with new energy and have a few friends with the same mindset anything can happen! The day was spent trying various types of wines at first Springvale and then Milton, followed by some delicious lunch, drinks at the beach and then Pizza & Cocktails at Geógraphe.

We finished of by going to stingray bay to watch the sunset. And to everyone’s surprise we saw multiple stingrays! They were really tiny but it was wonderful to watch them swim around nonetheless!

All in all a great day!

Springvale is a beautiful vine that’s produced on the East coast of Tasmania, the Vineyard is located in Cranbook on the Freycinet Coast.  The vineyard was bought in 1875 and its the 5th generation who runs the business now. The Cellar door is a perfect mix between new and old, it was not what I expected at all when I was standing on the ouside, looking up at a quite old building, but the inside was amazing! New modern desk, with a modern stone floor covering half of what almost looks like a barn. On the other half you’ll have the dirty hay floor you’d expect too see in a house like this, with a saddle & old tools hanging along the wall, it’s hard to explain if you’re not there but it was a perfect mix of old and new.

If you happen to do the great east coast drive it is a must to stop by the Vineyard and have a look & a chat to their lovely, well informed staff. Their Cellar door is open for wine sales & Tastings every day between 11am-4pm & they have even put up a massive tent right outside where you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine, and perhaps even some of the cheeses they also offer onsite.  

A post about Milton Vineyard will be up shortly! I thought they both deserved a post each simply because of how great and different they both are in their own ways. Stay tuned for more 🙂



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