In my corner once again! 

I’m here again, in the lounge of the lodge leeching of the Wi-Fi, trying to scramble together a post about the previous year while sipping yet another Ice Mocha. But it’s completely impossible at the moment.. so unfortunately the pictures from my phone will have to be enough for now! 
Living in a national park has it’s perks, but you can’t live rurally without a few cons as well. One of the worst things is the lack of internet connection & Cell service. I do not mind staying unplugged for a while, but I’d like it to be a choice. I don’t mind living in a rural area, but I’d still like to be able to connect to people back home, my blog & the world around me.

When I shared a room, we got a very weak signal into our room, which was enough not to complain! But since we got our own rooms.. Neither of us can get a signal. Which has been okay because I’ve been able to stroll down to the lodge when I’ve had a few hours of spare time and use the internet here. But now it’s been acting up and it won’t allow me to connect to my dropbox, download anything of Netflix or even download the next episode of my favourite podcast.. Which is frustrating.

It’s the reason there’s close to no updates at the moment.. but now to the good news, I GOT A NEW JOB! I had my first shift a few days ago, It’s at a cafe in the nearby town! I’m so excited and hopefully it will work out and if it do, i’ll stick around for a couple of months, get everything sorted and then head off to the mainland! It’s very casual, and seeing as I usually go there to have breakfast or lunch when I have days off, I already know some of the menu! haha, so wish me luck!

The post about the previous year and more updates will come, you’ll just have to be a bit patient and hopefully I’ll be able to upload it within a near future!

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