A moment for myself

I love being social, I love meeting new people & I love adventures, but I value my alone time pretty high for someone who loves being social. And because I’ve been working a lot I haven’t really had time to have time with what I want but the last few days has been blissfully wonderful! I’ve had several strolls along the beach, I’ve been able to unwind in a comfy chair while feeling the inspiration rush through my fingers, creating the very words you are reading now. 

Yesterday I talked about routines and today I’m gonna tell you about what I actually love doing when I got the time. This will vary depending on weather and mood, but the most consistent on my list must be .. 

  • Hanging out in a Café | FIKA

Perhaps it’s just imprinted in my DNA because i’m Swedish, but is there really anything cozier than wasting a few hours in a cafe with a coffee & something to snack on, perhaps with good friends, a book to read or a story to write. Placing me in a comfy chair in the corner of a murky cafe is like putting your phone on charge, we both need it from time to time! Back home when I was still in school, I could go by our regular cafe and always find someone I knew in there, and if we didn’t show up for a few days the owner would ask us where we’d been haha. 

  • Unwind in front of a screen | Movies & Series

Perhaps it’s because the only time my mother would allow me to watch a movie was when it was raining, or perhaps it was because I always had movie nights at my dads place, or perhaps it was because I’ve spent countless of nights watching movies when I’ve been unable to sleep.

No matter the reason I love getting lost in a good show, I love reading as well but when you’re reading you’re stuck with only that.. but when you’re watching (or in my case on many occasions, listening to) a tv series or a movie, you’re still free to do other stuff as well, and i’m pretty bad at staying focused on one thing so I usually clean, practice Yoga, write or color in while watching.


  • Mindfulness & Getting to know my body | Yoga

Getting to know my body & letting my mind speak to me without trying to suppress my thoughts is probably the most important of them all, It’s like night and day. I didn’t know how unsync I was with my body until I started getting pain in one of my hips, I wanted it to go away and got introduced to Yoga by accident, I was only interested in getting rid of the pain and I wasn’t expecting to fall for it completely, it honestly changed my life and it blew my mind and I’ve tried to do it a few times a week ever since!

Today, besides a walk on the beach, i hund around the Lounge at the Lodge, drinking  Ice Mocha and while writing this i’m also watching Wahlgrens Värld (swedish reality show), it’s like a little piece of home. I hope you had a great day!  

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