The 3 day routine!

Routines, we all have them, good and bad ones, some are necessary and some are worthless. Routines that slowly turns into habit, At least that’s what we’re aiming for isn’t it? To get rid of the bad and embrace the good ones and turn them into habits. 

Until a while back I didn’t understand the importance of the daily routines, but as I grow so do my understanding for habits, some are as important as breathing while others can be forgotten without so much as a thought. I first thought that being free meant that you got rid of your routines and just did whatever you felt like everyday, but I’ve come to realize that everyone needs routines, even ‘free’ people. It’s in the small details, it will help with your day & make you feel better about yourself.

I slipped off my routine somewhere along the way of working, and what used to be daily habits all of a sudden felt odd and forced. I woke up 3 days ago, ready to snooze my alarm once again when it went off at 8.30.. but i stopped myself. I never used to snooze my alarm, because when I wake up the next time i’ll be even more tired and if i sleep more than 8-9 hours I feel the opposite of rested but for the past month orso I’ve made it a habit, a bad habit, to snooze my alarm on days when I don’t work and it was time for me to take back control, stop disappointing myself and get up without snoozing.

So that’s what I’ve done for the past few days, it’s hard to turn it around because it’s almost become a habit now and I still need to force my own hand to turn it off and go up, but i’m doing it and it feels easier every day! With the few extra hours on my hand I’ve been able to do everything I actually want to do in a day without stressing which has brightened my mood and is making me feel great! 3 days and counting! Wish me luck. 

Have you been trying to break a habit or start a new routine recently? I’d love to hear about it!

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