Exploring the Friendly beaches


I can’t believe how close this beach is to the lodge, and yesterday was the first time I went there! Saying that the wind played with my hair would be an understatement, the wind was insane! But I had a blast, and my lips tasted salt from being sprayed over and over again by the waves crashing in on the cliffs next to us.

Strolling down the beach, listening to the waves and being sprayed with the salty breeze made me think of how powerful the ocean is, and how big of a difference there is between low & high tide is. I had my own personal little local guide with me, a dear friend of mine and he told me that during low tide, you can sit in the rock pools and sometimes even spot squid and other sea creatures in them. Unfortunately the tide was quite high and we couldn’t even see half of the pools because they were fully submerged under water, the pools we did see was quite small and some of them contained tiny fishes which was pretty cool! I hope I’ll have the opportunity to go back and visit during low tide so I can see the rock pools!

I stood close to the rocks with my feet in the water, the level of the water no higher than to my ankles when a big wave (one that i highly underestimated) came crashing in and all of a sudden my legs were almost entirely under water, which wasn’t exactly what I planned and i decided to move up a bit before the next wave haha..  haha


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