I quit my job in Paradise

I couldn’t do it anymore. I tried to focus on the numbers growing in my bank account week after week, besides, Tasmania is a lovely place to work your ass of in during summer (if you’re in a great place). But as the numbers in my account grew, my inspiration & my happiness started to fade, slowly but surely. Which you’ve been able to tell if you pop in here once in a while! I’ve tried to keep up with writing, but it’s been hard when it feels like you live at work and don’t have WI-FI in your room. Keep in mind that when I get home it’s between 10-11pm and i’m usually exhausted, so the options are quite limited.

The days didn’t seem to have enough hours to even sustain a healthy lifestyle, and I’ve had even less time to enjoy this beautiful environment. Some nights I’ve had to prioritize to wash my hair or sleep 8 hours, and between my shifts I’ve had to prioritize eating over clean hair, Yoga and hanging out with friends. Prioritizes I don’t believe any human being should have to make. Eating, sleeping & personal hygiene shouldn’t have to be compromised because you’re working. 

This was not how I planned to spend the summer, and it’s not how I plan to spend the remaining part of the summer, so yesterday I quit my job in paradise. No job in the world is worth my happiness and mental health. It’s far more precious to me than any money in the world.

So what’s gonna happen now? All I know is that i’m ready for a new adventure!

I also want to thank you for still popping in to read, it means a lot to me and gives me a stronger nudge to get back into it! 


  • Liza January 11, 2018 at 07:36

    Let me know what’s going to happen next! Praying for you! Love you lots!


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