New year new me?

Wooho guys! It’s a new year, it’s a new me. New year who dis? I’m gonna dye my hair and i’m gonna change my style. Things are going to be different and this year I will truly do all those things you always talk about but never actually do… or? haha NO. 

I don’t have any new year, new me kind of resolution. I am actually gonna dye my hair though, not because i’m sick of the read but because I have a bad outgrowth haha.. I’m actually leaving 2017 behind me with a clear mind & good intentions and i’m stepping into the new year exactly the same. And the intentions? They were made way back, some I made a year ago, some I made a few months ago and under this year i’ll probably make some new ones as well.. Change doesn’t come when the clock ticks 12.01, Change comes when you decide you want something to change.

You can make your new years resolutions if you want to, and maybe you’ll stick to them, who knows? But how many times don’t you give yourself a promise on this very special day that you later on don’t keep? If you really want to loose weight, build muscles, quit your job, stand up for yourself .. or whatever comes to mind while reading this, you can do it any day. Just make up your mind, not because it’s a new year and you have to be a new you.. but because you want to.

Just listen to this song down below, this is how i feel about ”new year new me” talk.. it makes me laugh every time!

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