Nosediving with a sailboat!

So yesterday, besides the nice dinner and awesome company, I went sailing on a small catamaran! 

It was the first time I’ve ever been on a small sailboat big enough for 2 people, it was hilarious.. and quite wet. It was an amazing experience, at first it was quite calm but as we kept sailing the wind started to pick up, which was so much fun in the beginning and we got splashed a lot, but in the end the winds started picking up a bit too much and we almost tipped the boat over a few times.. hehe woops!

In the end i’m pretty sure we did everything you’re not supposed to do with a sailboat.. We managed (read: the wind was too strong and made us nosedive, it wasn’t really voluntarily, hehe)  to nosedive and almost tipped over multiple times but luckily I was with an experienced sailor who got us both back to land safely! It was such a thrill, the waves was crashing towards us pretty hard and fast, but with the boiling sun above us it felt quite nice to get wet. 

I took this picture when we got back, I’m completely drenched from top to bottom, not a single spot on my jumpsuit is dry.. hahaha!

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