Strawberries, books & good company

Because the kitchen in the bunkhouse is so bad in so many ways, I haven’t properly cooked, or made a nice meal in 0ver a month. On most days I’ve eaten the staff food, and on the days I haven’t it’s been restaurant food, easy salads, Nachos or more Restaurant food.

So to actually be able to cook for once, in a proper kitchen where you don’t have to clean everything before & after you use it (and even then feel like everything is gross) was bliss. We ‘only’ made tacos, but it was like a gods gift from heaven to be able to use a good knife, fry some beans up in a pan that doesn’t smell like curry.. and then put everything in separate bowls, and actually sit down and enjoy a dinner with friends. 

Afterwards, we were all curled up in the lounge room, eating strawberries & enjoying conversations, until we all dived into our books. Hanging out, without necessarily being socially active all the time is bliss. I truly enjoy those kinds of moments!

Today was a great day!

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