Diving in 4°c

I always have cold feet, 99% of the time anyway.. so when it was time to do my final exam to get my divers certificate and it was 4ºc in the water, well.. I put on as many socks as I could possibly fit in my dry suit.

7…8…9 pair of socks, and my feet still got cold! I think I just have to accept that i’m a hopeless case, I do after all sleep with socks on, sometimes even during summer. haha! My instructor even think I broke some sort of record with that one! haha. 

Besides from my feet, it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be, it was actually quite pleasant! Don’t get me wrong, it was really cold down there but I loved it. 

I took my certificate almost 2 years ago back home in Sweden. It was a dream I had but what I didn’t know at the time was that we had a divers club right there in my own home town! Apparently we have pretty good waters for shipwreck diving & cave diving, I had no idea but I was thrilled to find out!?

Down below, where no words are needed, the communication is at a minimum and the water is holding you like a blanket. I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid, I’ve always loved being down below the surface, and now i can! At least partly, it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! The door to another universe.

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