A Swedish Christmas | Part 2



Donald Duck & his friends – From all of us, to all of you!

Christmas Tradition!!! I’m pretty sure the government would revoke my citizenship if they knew I missed it last year.. It’s not optional. 3PM every Christmas Eve the whole family gather in front of the TV to spend an hour watching Donald Duck and his friends wish us a merry Christmas. It was first aired in USA the 19th of December 1958 and has since been shown in various countries around Christmas.

Sweden picked it up in 1960 and it has grown into a tradition.  In my family it’s tradition to watch it together in the living room, and when it’s done you know its almost time for Santa’s arrival and you get to open your gifts! Woooop. 

The show includes loads of short scenes from different movies and short films, while half of them is consistent on the show, the end ones always change, which makes it a bit more interesting.. haha.  

Bildresultat för tjuren ferdinand

As a child I was always amazed over the checkered paint in Santa’s workshop. Childhood memories.. 

Bildresultat för tomtens julverkstad rutig disney



If you ever find yourself in Sweden of the 1st of Advent, and are close  to Gävle, i’d suggest you make the detour and go visit the big Christmas goat that gets put up every year! But you better hurry, because most years the goat doesn’t make it for long..  What has made this goat so famous, both nationally and internationally is the fact that almost every year someone burns it to the ground, or, well, at least they try. Of course this is strictly illegal and Gävle city is doing everything in their power to try and stop this. Surveillance, guards and impregnation of the straw to make it less flammable are a few ways they’ve tried to keep it safe. 



The goat is made from straw and was first put up 1966, it weighed 3 ton, was 13 meter high and 7 meter long, which is quite amazing! It always reminds me of the Trojan horse, except that this one doesn’t come with a secret agenda.  In 1985 the goat was 12.5 meters high and it even made Guinness world records!  Way to go Sweden.

Burning the goat down is not something the government takes lightly though, if you do it and get caught you’ll be charged with arsein and attempted murder

In the last 56 years, the goat has only survived the winter 13 times. It’s been beaten down, sunken together after sabotage, hit by a car and collapsed & burnt to the ground.. so next time you think your job is hard, imagine trying to keep this goat alive for the winter?.. 

There’s even a bet every year on how many days it will take for someone to be stupid enough to destroy it.. In the year of 2001, the goat was burned down the day before Christmas Eve, by an 51 year old American tourist who claimed he heard about the tradition on a Christmas party. 

This year you can even follow it on a live-stream!? Haha, Sweden what are you doing??? That’s hilarious. You can see the live-stream here.

Bildresultat för julbock gävle


So why a goat? Well, the Christmas goat goes back a long time and is a symbolic animal during Christmas in not only Sweden but the entire Scandinavia. You decorate your house with it, outside stores & next to the Christmas tree. They come in all sizes, but usually you won’t have a 13 meter high goat in your living room.. haha.

Bildresultat för julbock

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