Sunny Sky, Moody Mind

When it’s sunny and you feel like being outside, letting the sun kiss your skin and bathe in its warm light you feel satisfied. When it’s raining and the sky is gloomy and all you feel like doing is cuddle up underneath a blanket in front of a good movie, you feel that you can do so without feeling guilty about doing nothing.

When the sun is shining bright, but the bed inside is screaming your name, and your mood doesn’t match the weather. You know you ‘should’ be outside, enjoying its heat, but your heart isn’t in it. You feel guilty. You feel guilty for hiding inside while the sun sits high on the blue sky. At least I know I do.  

But the weather wasn’t created to always match our moody days. If it was, that would be a perfect world indeed, but how would it work? Because everyone is different, well, almost everyone. Luckily I had two young ladies who felt exactly like I did today! 

You might find this a bit strange, and who knows, maybe it is for most people (who cares). But some days, all you need is some really good friends and a really sad movie to cry out to. (And everything sweet you can find + lots of popcorn) Even is the sun is shining bright outside.

”Pain is demanded to be felt” – The fault in our Stars

And oh boy. We bawled our eyes out. Each and every one of us had our own reasons, but lying there next to each other, both crying and laughing at The fault in our Stars, we laughed at how silly we looked, but right then and there. It didn’t matter, there was no judgement, no keeping it in, no hiding. We just let it all out. And oh boy do I feel better now! And as it turns out, crying with someone is a lot better than crying on your own. And sometimes I think we all need a good cry to flush out all the negative aspects of our current situation. 

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