Tasmania – The paradise for sunset lovers


I’ve got a few requests and since it’s storming outside today and I got a few hours to kill I thought i’d finally put together a post about the most beautiful sunsets in Tasmania. Then I can at least look at some beautiful sunny pictures and pretend it’s not a storm raging on outside. Of course the pictures doesn’t do  it justice and they are far more beautiful in real life. If you’re a sunset lover like me(or you know, even if you’re not), I would advice you to add Tasmania to your bucket list!  I’ve managed to capture quite a few amazing sunsets all over Tasmania and the best thing with sunsets is that you don’t have to travel far or pay to enjoy them! Some of them I’ve enjoyed just by stopping by the side of the road, but I would highly advice you to NOT drive on Tassie roads after dark.

Let’s start with the ‘average’ sunset, a sunset that you’ll enjoy looking at, perhaps have a nice couple of drinks or some tea while watching the sun goes down. It’s beautiful but it won’t give you a ”wow” moment.  These sunsets are quite common all over Tasmania, time varies with season.

 Location: Staff Quarters, Strahan 

Location: Bay Restaurant Freycinet Lodge

Location: By the harbour in Strahan 

Location: Honeymoon Bay, Freycinet National Park

Location: Restaurant View 42, Strahan 


Location: My porch in Strahan

Location: Boardwalk in Strahan 

Location: View 42 Christmas Day 2016, the sunset may not have been the best, but the company sure was! 

Then you have sunsets like theese, slightly more out of the ordinary and absolutely stunning!

Location: Near Montezuma Falls (side of the road picture)

Location: Near the Henty Dunes (stopped by the side of the road, because who wouldn’t) 

Location: View 42, Strahan 

Location: Streets of Launceston 

Location: IGA Strahan 

Then you get moments like this! And it takes your breath away, the colorful skyline will brighten up anyone’s sour smile. This sunset in particular is taken at View 42 in Strahan (which still is my favorite place to spot a good sunset!) The restaurant is placed up on a hill which lets you sit out on the porch and overlook the surrounding areas, on Sunny days you can see quite far and even without the sunset the view is quite spectacular overlooking Strahan Village.

I hope you liked it and feel free to leave a comment below of what you think! Did I miss any great sunset spot? Let me know! 


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