A day surrounded by creatures of the Sea

A day full of fun and excitement and! My first day off since arriving in Tassie was spent on the sea, on board a Wineglass bay cruise. Drinking sparkling wine and enjoying life, until the motion sickness kicked in briefly.. haha, luckily the staff on board were exceptional and gave us lollies to suck on and told us to go stand in the back downstairs. I’m so happy that I went back to my giggling self after just a few minutes downstairs and could enjoy the rest of the day! 

Coles bay and the Tasman Sea were like two completely different worlds, despite how close they are to each other. While Coles bay is calm, with barely any waves crashing into the shoreline, as soon as you leave the bay and get out on the open ocean, the Tasman Sea is wild with big waves crashing towards the cliff sides.  So close, but oh so different, Mother nature is amazing.

It was a great trip, first of all we got company by some dolphins swimming a bit further out, then besides and then under the boat. As the animal lover I am I was thrilled. I didn’t care that the crew told us they weren’t being that playful today.. it’s freekkin dolphins?!  For someone who’s only seen them in the Zoo, and twice far far away in the distance i felt like a very lucky duck.

Then, as if seeing dolphins wasn’t enough, out of the water popped a seal, and a few more were sunbathing on the cliffs just next to the dolphins. It was a very joyful day indeed!

Wineglass bay was beautiful and I bet I will spend a few days lying on that beach during summertime. I also know you can even hike up Mount Amos and see the bay from above, which I think will be even more breathtaking! But that’s an adventure for another day. 

To put the star on the Christmas tree of today, soon after all that we spotted humpback whales!? It was the first time I’ve ever spotted whales in the wild  and it’s always been high up on my bucket list. They are massive majestic creatures of the sea, seeing them was indeed something out of the ordinary. It made me feel very small, and grateful, because they’re so humble towards us. We underestimate the creatures of the sea, they have the power to do us so much harm when we enter their realm, but they rarely do.