Pumpkin Paradise

I have landed safe and sound in Tasmania! I did forget my jacket on the plane & on my plane from Singapore we got delayed an hour because the crew had to throw out a lady who was way too intoxicated to be flying but hey, what else did i expect am i right? haha I almost think the universe it telling me to stop flying, or maybe i got cursed by a flight attendant my younger self was rude towards? Whatever it is i’m not gonna let it stop me, yet! (Universe that was not a challenge)

Something i’m really excited about and still need to show you guys is pictures from the flower dome i visited in Singapore. I’m not sure if this is something they do every year or if it’s a one time thing but right now it’s apparently harvest season in Singapore, and they celebrated this by having pumpkins, EVERYWHERE, and decorating the dome in a matching theme, which was beautiful!  

After spending a night with a friend in Melbourne, i’m now gonna spend one in Hobart before i head to Freycinet tomorrow, and my friend recommended this hostel for me and it might be one of the best ones I’ve ever stayed at in Australia. Great atmosphere, clean big kitchen, good water pressure in the shower, comfy beds and a really cozy homey feeling. It almost feels like being at my grandma’s, old books everywhere and board games stacked underneath the fire place. I’m almost a bit sad i’m only staying here for one night, but at least i know where to stay again if i ever get the chance! Right now i’m curled up in one of the couch corners with a cup of tea, i still have lots to tell you about Singapore so i’m gonna try to write it all down now, but for now you have to settle with the pumpkin pictures.

And you can’t really have all these pumpkins without re-creating Cinderella am i right? haha

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