Light&Sound show by the bay

Wow. WOW. WOW!

Now that i am sure that i know my way back to the hotel i decided to go and see the garden rhapsody – a light & sound show by the bay. A daily evening show at 7.45pm by the super-trees, and wow! It did not disappoint. Sometimes, the best things in life doesn’t have to cost a dime!  Simply lying down by one of the groves and looking up, it felt like you were in another universe, on a planet far far away. I felt like Jake Sully from Avatar, when he first discovered how magnificent the forest on Pandora is.  

Apparently they put on different editions to match the season and i was lucky to get see ”Tales of the moon”. The last show of this edition is on the 31st, so with only a few days left i feel very lucky to have been able to see it. After all, i do love the moon. I’m a bit bummed out that i will miss their Winter edition though, I bet it will be wonderful! If you’re in Singapore between 1st of November and 31th of December i’d highly recommend you to go see it! (and film it for me please haha)

” Let us take you on a journey filled with tales of wondrous fantasies and poignant memories about the moon like no other.” – excerpt from the text describing this show

Singapore is beautiful at night, the pictures can’t do it justice and the short clips i took magically disappeared, so a few pictures is all i got left to show you guys sadly!  

 I’ll end this tonight with a picture of a buddy who joined me to see the show. It was the best company one could ask for, haha!

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