Singapore – a day in the Country-Island-City

After fighting off an incredibly annoying jet lag, i decided to take the buss into the city center today and see what is has to offer. I’ve not been disappointed, it’s been breathtaking!

With 34°c, 60% humidity and a cloudy sky i couldn’t avoid sweating in the oozing heath, thank god the Singaporeans love their Air Con!  They almost love it too much.. it almost get too cold after a while, luckily i brought a cardigan with me.

Starting the day off with Marina Bay Sands – the building which couldn’t decide if it was gonna be a boat or a house, so it became both! Here’s something to keep in mind for future goals guys! You can have both. haha. Most of the building is a hotel but you can stroll through the main areas without being a guest, you can also head up to the sky roof and enjoy the view, and if you have the time you can even grab a bite to eat, or a drink to cool you down, 57 stories up.  If you’re a guest you’re even more in luck.. because on the sky deck there is also an infinity pool, bar area & lounge area that’s only available for hotel guests. I looked at the prices for fun and you can get a deluxe room from 339 S$ / night, or you can get the luxuary Marina Suite from 1646S$ /night. Hoooooly, i mean it’s pretty and all.. but daaaamn. 

This is not really how i would picture a Dolce & Gabbana window, looks like a teen ad for H&M haha.. (sorry Singapore)

Anyone fancy a boat ride through the mall? I mean, there’s a boat on the roof, so they kind of had to do this.. haha

Then my exploring continued on towards the gardens by the bay! And oh, wow. It is stunning! I really enjoyed the supertree section. Tall treelike groves that tower up above you as high as 50 meters. These massive structures is home for 162900 different plants, at night time they light up and the whole garden explode in color. I didn’t have time to see it today but perhaps one night before i go!

If you’re hungry you can grab a bite in one of the heads, and you can enjoy the view from another! Stunning creations that blew my mind away.

Do you see that massive venus fly trap in the background? It’s all made out of lego! Such a random thing to have in the middle of the breathtaking nature, i love it! haha

And then, least but not last..  The indoor waterfall in the Cloud forest. Because why not? It’s the highest indoor waterfall in the world with a drop of 35m. If anything, Singapore has proved to me that you don’t have to settle, you can have it all. 

If you know of any good place in Singapore that i can’t miss, i’d love to hear all about it! 

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