Everything, Everything

I’m here. I’m finally in my comfy hotel bed in Singapore.  After sitting on the plane for over 1 hour, simply wasting time without any information about why we’re not taking off.. Once we lifted the trip wasn’t that bad. I managed to get a seat in the front with extra legroom and the movies that you could choose from did not disappoint!  Which made it all very pleasant.

One movie i’ve been wanting to see for a while now (that had totally slipped my mind) was Everything, Everything! The movie is about Maddy, an 18 year old girl with a disease which makes it deadly for her to leave her house, even for a minute. Then all of a sudden Olly, an adorable guy, moves in next door & I think  i can stop explaining because by now you’ve probably figured out the plot. Haha! But none the less,  I really liked it and I probably would’ve bawled my eyes out if it wasn’t for the fact that i had people next to me on the plane. Haha

I usually stay in Hostels but after looking around I found none that really peaked my interest and after reading lots of reviews about them, it didn’t seem like any of the hostels were particularly adapted for socializing on the premises. So i decided to spend the extra dollars this time and stay in a Hotel. The hotel i’m staying at is really nice and the room is very comfy, with all the necessities, even though the room is quite small I even got space to do my Yoga next to the bed. Which was well needed after the flight. 

Tomorrow it’s time to explore Singapore! Woop, stay put for more updates!  Goodnight

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