Need < Want

What I need to do, and what I actually do doesn’t always go hand in hand. Today was proof of that if anything, I should have stayed at home, organizing and packing my bags, preparing myself for the big journey ahead that starts tomorrow.

What did i do? … well .. not that. 

Instead I slept in, had a relaxing & time consuming breakfast while watching too many episodes on Vikings. When I finally decided that i probably should start packing, I got as far as putting all my clothes on the bed before I get a call.. ”Wanna go for a walk?” 

And hey, you can’t say no to some fresh air! Besides, after all my hard work i deserved a break, right? haha

With greasy hair hiding underneath a beanie, a naked face & the baggiest shirt i could find i drank the last of my coffee and ran down the stairs! Who else always try to time washing your hair with a flight?  I want to feel freeesh while i’m flying but for someone who tries to wash her hair as little as possible this can be so annoying to time, thank the gods for beanie season! haha

2.5 hours later, after slippery slopes in 2 different forests, a coffee & snack break on top of a mountain, a little bit of rain & colorful leaves.. i returned home a bit later than expected, but i had a blast, even though it was only 6°c outside. Spontaneous small adventures at its finest.

Then i had to grab a coffee, go see a good friend of mine & go collect my movies from another. Lucky i didn’t have anything important to do today haha. In the end of the day i actually managed to do some of the packing required for my next journey.. i’ll leave the rest till tomorrow.

For some reason my bags are not even half full yet.. i’m wondering, has traveling made me a better packer.. or  a smarter traveler?

How long before you go do you start packing? Are you organized, or more like me?  haha


  • Wilbs (@Wilbysworld) October 26, 2017 at 01:27

    Loved this! I’m the worst procrastinator and I’m always leaving my packing until the last minute!

    • Apieceofmypie October 26, 2017 at 16:32

      Thank you! haha even though i plan to start eary, it kind of never happens.. haha


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