Stray from the path

I’ve been thinking a lot about straying from the path lately, taking risks and embracing the unknown. Even though I’ve been doing it a lot during this last year the moments still come where i find myself searching for excuses .. excuses that most of the time doesn’t even make sence. I am my own worst enemy. Sometimes you need to tell that little voice inside your head to shut up.

As i’m coming close to leaving Sweden again, i’m faced with making a few  decisions. I wish these decisions was about what hotel to stay at during my next trip or something just as easy.. but what is life without though decisions and risks. Last time i left i had a time frame, at least that’s what i told myself. I gave myself a year of working & traveling around Australia and then i’d come back and ”grow up”, what I came to realize fairly quickly is that i don’t want to go back yet, i refuse. And i have grown more overseas that I’ve ever done, so this time, i’m heading off with no time frame in mind, will i be gone 6 months, 1 year, 2 weeks, forever? Only time will tell. Straying from the path can be scary, doing it without a time frame is even scarier! It goes against everything society has ever taught me.

But then moments like this come along and erases my fear and excuses.  Because if you never stray from the path, you’ll never find things like this! I will not go back to the mindset of settling in life, not when i want, not when i CAN have more. And i hope you don’t settle either, you deserve everything you want in life.

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