Choklad Biskvie / Chocolate biskvie


This one is for you chocolate lovers out there. I think my mother gained 2 kilos while watching (and tasting everything) me do these.  With a chewy almond base, smooth chocolate buttercream filling covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate it will be very popular on the sweets table!


This recipe is enough for about 25 medium sized biskvier, or 50 small ones, or 100 mini ones. It’s all up to you! This was one of the first things i ever learned to make at the bakery and i love them! They’re super delicious and one thing i like about this recipe is that you can add any flavor that you’d like to them!

Almond base;
250g Almond Paste
125g Sugar
50g Eggwhite


Chocolate buttercream;
100g room tempered butter
2dl icing sugar
Vanilla paste (after taste)
1tbsp canola oil
1 egg

25g chocolate
1tbsp cream

175g Dark chocolate


  1. Start with putting the oven on 180°c .
  2. Blend almond-paste with sugar, mix well and add the egg white gradually until its all blended smooth. Fill a piping bag and pipe out roughly 25 bases on baking paper. Bake in the oven for about 10min or until they’ve gotten a brownish color.
  3. While they’re in the oven you can start with the buttercream.
  4. Add room tempered butter, Icing sugar & vanilla paste in the mixer and whip it up on full speed. Gradually add the oil & mix on full speed for 15 minutes. Then add the egg and keep mixing it for a few minutes on high speed.
  5. While it’s mixing. Melt 25g of chocolate in a stainless steel bowl above boiling water and when it’s melted add 1tbsp of cream, then put it in the fridge to cool down
  6. When the chocolate is cool then scoop it into your buttercream and mix it all together.
  7. Let the base cool down completely before continuing till this step.
  8. Take a pastry palette and spread a thick layer on each base. My mother did not have a palette so i used a butter knife haha, use your imagination if you don’t have one! I’m sure you’ll have something you can use.
  9. Let them settle in the fridge before dipping the biskvies in the melted (preferably tempered) chocolate!
  10. Enjoy!

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