Kola snittar / Ginger cookies

Now it’s almost time for me to get going again and i recently got a hold of most of my recipes! One of the books (the most important one) is glowing with its absence but i found the other ones so i thought i’d post some recipes here so i have easy access to them overseas!


 My go-to recepie whenever i want to make something that i’m sure most people will be able to enjoy! It’s a must on the sweets table every birthday! I’ve been using this recepie for years and it originates from Leila Lindholm, a Swedish cookbook writer & blogger.
OPTION: Swap out butter for Coconut oil, add 1tsp salt and add 0.25dl flour to make them Vegan!

100g Butter ( Room tempered)
1dl Sugar
2tbsp Golden syrup
2.25dl Plain flour
0.5tsp bicarbonate Soda
1tsp Vanilla sugar / essence / Paste
2tsp ground ginger

Step 1. Put the oven on 175°c
Step 2. Whip up butter, sugar & Syrup until it gets creamy.
Step 3. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix it together with your mixer (your hands work just as good if you’re traveling and have limited options)
Step 4. After getting a firm dough you seperate the dough and roll it out on baking paper. Don’t put them too close because they will melt a little in the oven.
Step 5. Bake in the oven for 12-15min, the time may vary depending on the oven. As soon as the get out, cut them in an angle and let them cool down! Enjoy

You can either stripe them with a fork, or jut leave them like they are. I used to stripe them before but now i prefer them when they’re not striped.

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