Obscure looking mushrooms in the Swedish forest.

One thing we’re blessed with in Sweden in our nature laws. You’re allowed to roam freely in our forests and you’re also allowed to camp everywhere for a few days. (within reason) Our forest is full of eatable berries & mushrooms during autumn so it’s my favorite time of the year to grab a basket, take the car, stop somewhere along the road and just take a long stroll through the woods.  

Did you know that Sweden recently listed itself on Airbnb?  If not, take a look at the video below and book your next ticket to Sweden for free accommodation! I’d wait till it’s a bit warmer though.

Not all Mushrooms are eatable though. So be careful if you decide to go pick some! 

I’m not a mushroom expert so i only pick the few kinds i am 100% sure are eatable. Sometimes you find yourself wandering around for hours without finding more than a few blueberries, but yesterday i’d like to say we hit the Jackpot! We found enough to fill 2 baskets! Wooop.

My favorite kind is the golden beauty, Cantharellus cibarius, commonly known as chanterelle! Cut it in small pieces and fry in a lot of butter, yum yum yum!

For the lazy one, these mushrooms are available in most grocery stores, but chanterelles usually cost an arm or a leg to buy .. I’d rather spend an afternoon, enjoying a nice walk and look for them, even though you might not hit jackpot every time. I love a long stroll through the woods.

I feel like i can’t write this without giving some tips for anyone who wants to pick mushrooms!

TIP #1 Avoid all red mushrooms as they’re poisonous

TIP #2  Pick mushrooms in a basket, never in a plastic bag. They contain a lot of water and need to breed.

TIP #3 If they look suspicious, leave them

Another thing i love is everything else you see and find in the forest. Weird mushrooms in all different kinds of shape and color, the animals you might run in to by accident and the things you’ll find.


We ran into some deer in the beginning and then all of a sudden a big moose spurted past us only 10 meters away.. My heart started beating quite fast by getting into such a close encounter with this magnificent beast! But i’m happy we ran into the king of the Swedish Forests or maybe i should say queen?..

fly agaric – A poisonous mushroom with a red hat with white dots on top Cute little fellows, no idea what they’re called or if they’re eatable though. I had to take a photo of these! So an obscure looking mushroom. Mother nature truly is fascinating! 

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