My home town

Stadsparken, translated in to ” city park”. I’ve spent countless of hours in this parks, more nights than i can count. It’s the perfect spot to relax with your friends  during summer, and maybe enjoy a drink or two.

Seeing my own Country, my own city through new eyes – with no stable ground. Well, I’ve been crashing at my mums mostly, but i’m not sure you can call it stable ground haha. I’ve been sleeping on a spare bed in my sisters room with nothing more than the content of my suitcase and my backpack, and let’s be real.. most of its content is scattered on the floor in one of the corners of the room. Minimalism used to scare me, i had a lot of things in my apartment before i decided to give it all up. When you’re always on the search for new decorations and new things to buy, deciding what to bring with you for a whole year with very limited space is to say the least hard.  

But i’ve come to embrace that you don’t need more in life to be happy. I no longer buy crappy tourist souvenirs whenever i go somewhere, things that just sit and collect dust when you return. I (mostly haha, no one is perfect) only buy what i need nowadays.

Okay back to the post haha. 

Eskilstuna – my place of birth.

Today i spent the day walking, just walking around my hometown for a while. Instead of seeing the grey, boring street I’ve always seen during my walks i saw the colorful facades, the living autumn flowers on the sidewalk in the parks and i felt calmness in the flowing river that runs through our city.

After that i drank some coffee with my picture stealing grandpa(i’ll tell you why i call him that another time haha), then I  went for a drive on the country side, just me and the horizon. I have a friend that always used to go on drives to clear his mind, i never really got it but now i really appreciate it. It did get me in mood for a road trip though.. soon .. i hope. On the way back i picked up my sister from her friends house, it feels weird to be able to go out on a daily adventure and end it with picking her up, after not seeing her for a whole year. But it’s a good wierd!

It’s funny how a bit of distance can change your perspective so much. 

Kloster Church.  2nd oldest church in Eskilstuna, i would say it’s the most stable one though since the oldest church is currently sinking a bit every year..

The town square.  Please pay attention to the ‘pin point’ to the right, it it 22 meters high and cost a lot of money we could have spent on better things, haha My happy, finally warm self. Can you guess my favorite colors?

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