Great Ocean Road

If you ever find yourself in Melbourne and got a couple of days to spare, or want to go from Victoria to Western Australia, i suggest you either buy a crappy car or rent one to go on a road trip along the great ocean road! I’ve heard it can be quite touristy during summer time (peak season), but i went during autumn so i can’t say i got the same experience. We could literally drive for half an hour without running in to anyone. It was quite nice even though the weather was a bit chilly.

With its 243 km this road will take you from Torquay all the way to Warrnambool. We didn’t go all the way to Warrnambool  but we managed to see all the things we wanted to see along the way! I think it’s worth the trip, the scenery along the way is breathtaking and it’s quite nice to spend a few days driving around, we had a few stops planned before we left and a time frame, but other than that we had no plan.

I will now share my top stops during our trip! Interested? 

Loch Ard Gorge

This was one of my favorite places to stop along the great ocean road! With its beautiful lookout, a lovely stroll down to the colorful sea and breathtaking scenery over the horizon. If you take a stroll down the stairs you can see a cave that’s hidden from above, such a magnificent structure. A little hidden paradise which offers a lot if you’re willing to open your eyes. Lately it has become popular for wedding photos, and i can understand why!  

The gorge is named after a ship called Loch Ard, the ship wrecked at Mutton Bird Island 1878. At the location you can read about why it wrecked and how many survived the terrible incident.

The twelve Apostles

Magnificent limestone rocks that stack up to 45 meters high, totally isolated from the shore.  I suggest you go there at sunset and watch as the sun paints the  horizon and the last sun rays carefully play around the apostles. Mother natures making at its finest.  It was quite windy and a bit chilly but the view was breathtaking.

The Apostles were created by constant erosion of the limestone cliffs beginning 10-20 million years ago, the brisk winds combined with the stormy Southern ocean gradually eroded the softer limestone, forming caves in the cliffs that eventually collapsed. Leaving behind 12 great tall apostles.

Tip: Melba Gully is roughly a 20 min drive from here, after watching the sun set over the apostles, get in the car and drive there! By the time you get there it will be pitch black and perfect timing for a stroll in the woods.

London Bridge

It’s a rock formation that used to look like .. hint; a bridge in England. You used to be able to walk out on the bridge formation, but after one of the archways collapsed you can now only view it from a lookout.  Just take a moment by the lookout, look out over the horizon, feel the wind in your hair and enjoy being alive. Even though it’s half collapsed it’s worth a look!

Melba Gully – Glow worms

When i first arrived in Australia, if anyone would have told me to walk around in the  forest during night time, I would have told them it was madness.  But apparently I i would do just that 6 months later. Stumble around in the dark forest, the only source of light came from a small pocket flashlight, only to search for worms that glow in the dark.

When we finally found them, it felt like we left the ordinary earth and walked straight in to a fantasy movie, watching moving stars swirl around on the ground and on the cliff side next to the path. If you get the opportunity, go see the glow worms in Melba gully! Be a bit patient while searching for them and keep the light on the ground, we followed the path for about 10 minutes before we found any!

Tower Hill – Wildlife reserve

I love nature and i love animals, so when i find out a wildlife reserve is close by it’s always a must! This wildlife reserve was very different and unique with a lot of history attached to it. This reserve sits inside an extinct volcano which formed 30.000 years ago and it’s been a National park for 125 years, which makes it the oldest declared national park in Victoria.

You can either choose to walk around by yourself, exploring everything this reserve has to offer or you can take a guided tour where you will hear about aboriginal history and its cultural heritage.  Here you will be able to enjoy amazing scenery, some of the most iconic native birds and if you’re lucky you will run in to native Australian animals. I ran in to my first wild koala in this park! .. and then we ran in to 2 more shortly after along the same path. 

It is a great, unique eco-tourism experience for everyone! Both for families, solo travelers and groups. There is a picnic area where you can relax and a cafe where you can enjoy a hot drink when you come back from your walk. Take the opportunity to see wildlife in their natural habitat. 

Have you been? I’d love to hear all about it!

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