La casa chaos

I left a family of 4 and now, a year later i came back to a family of 8. 

Just around the time when i left my mother started seeing a guy, so i never really met him before i left. I met him in person for the first time last week, it was surreal to finally meet someone you’ve only seen through a computer screen for the past year.  But it was fun none the less! The past week my siblings and his children has been with the other parent so it’s only been the 3 of us here, this week they’ll be sleeping here. It’s gonna be very interesting, and probably very fun and annoying.  In other words, wish me luck haha!

Today his 2nd youngest son was turning 10 so i got the opportunity to bake some cakes! 

It took resourcefulness, a lot of patience and toothpicks. The bloody toothpicks, the things you do when you don’t have the accurate supplies.  I painted it with whatever pointy thing i could find haha. But i ended up with 2 descent cakes after all!  Can you figure out the theme?

Even though my mum doesn’t even own a palette and all my things are locked up in storage, i got to use my kitchen aid!? I left it with my mum for safe keeping, for her to use while i’m away, but when i came home .. what did i see? She had stuffed it away in the closet..

Luckily i’m back for a few weeks so now i can make up for lost time.

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