National cinnamon bun day turns 18 today!

I made it home in time for this years most delicious day, the national cinnamon day!  Yes, i’m 100% serious. Wherever you are in the world today! I suggest you go to the nearest cafe, buy yourself a cinnamon bun and celebrate with me! It’s that day you can devour 20 buns without having people look at you wierd. 

Fun facts about the national cinnamon day;

On October 4th every year we celebrate the cinnamon bun, why? WHY NOT. 
They actually created this day 1999 (by they i’m talking about the Swedish home-baking council) to bring attention to this Swedish tradition but also to  increase sales of yeast, flour, sugar & butter.
Many Swedes consider this very day to be holy and just today  around 8 million cinnamon buns are sold in Sweden. Since the population in Sweden are roughly 10 million, that means 80% of our population buy a cinnamon bun today. THAT’S INSANE. That’s only the store bought buns, then you have to remember that some families probably bake their own buns today as well.. 
Even thought the cinnamon bun is common in large areas of the world, did you know that the Swedes were first with creating it?  After the first world war we all of a sudden had a large increase in ingredients so we started making sweet dough’s, and soon there after the cinnamon bun was born.
Are you gonna eat a cinnamon bun today? I know i will.
 The picture is from when i made cinnamon buns in Australia, i usually top them with pearl sugar, but unfortunately you can’t always get what you want (i think that what’s they’re called in english)

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