Zombie Apocalypse, come get me

Today has been a very fun day! I got the opportunity to learn about, and try different kinds of weapon! So now i’m ready for the next Zombie Apocalypse. When i woke up i had no idea that i would be standing on the shooting range just a few hours later, such a funny and amazing spontaneous surprise.

And not to brag (okay just a little bit), but i am a natural. I wouldn’t wanna mess with me during the Apocalypse. I didn’t miss the board once, which believe me, surprised even me! Whether i’m simply a good student, or had a great teacher i’m sure i made my teacher proud!

The weapons i was able to try myself was;

Semi-Automatic Ar15 with a .223 caliber

Glock 17 Gen4 9×19

Mp5 9×19

It was an amazing experience and it does give you a little adrenaline rush once the bullet leaves the firearm. In that moment there is only you, your breath and the target in front of you, and as the little adventure seeker i am i really enjoyed it! I just want to let you know that I don’t believe in gun violence, but it doesn’t hurt anyone to educate yourself about it. Because you never know, one day you might have to wake up and save the world.. haha. Easiest to shoot was by far the Glock, it’s not heavy to carry around and the recoil doesn’t snap your arm in two. (jokes aside)

The other 2 was a bit more difficult to handle since they’re bulkier and heavier, even though the procedure is pretty much the same. [Load, Aim & Shoot]

If you even get the opportunity to fire a weapon under secure circumstances, i’d take it! But it will of course come with great responsibility.  If you ever get the opportunity to try it, thank the gods that your target is a piece of cardboard. 

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