A young travelers truth

A little [REAL] perspective.

We have all been there, looking at social media accounts or websites, wishing we could be there, wishing that was us, wishing we had the courage they had.

Traveling the world is a dream i have, doing it while getting paid would truly be a dream come true. But right now i’m not living that dream.  I do travel a lot, but i’m not getting paid for it. So how do i do it? My adventures, my destinations and my life abroad is paid for by hard earned money. Money i have earned myself. I’m not rich nor famous, so to be able to travel and see as much as i do come hard work.

It takes a lot of my time, searching for new destinations and flights that won’t cost a fortune, it also takes a lot of patience to plan for everything with a limited budget. It can make me frustrated, stressed out and feel down right horrible. But right now, it’s a price i’m willing to pay for the end result.

Whether it leads me to red sand, breathtaking horizons, diving with turtles, kayaking with dolphins, taking a mud bath with elephants, swimming through crystal clear water or riding on the back of a Scooter in Thailand  .. in the end, it’s all worth it.

A Picture from Elephant retirement Park in Chaing Mai  – Where Elephants can be Elephants!

During my first year of working and traveling I’ve had 2 different jobs in Australia. But even when i’m working i’m still keen to go explore the surrounding area and set off on new adventures as soon as the opportunity shows itself! It often means i am limited within a certain range & time frame though, which can suck. But hey, i’m trying to do the best with what i got.

And you know what? Some days. I just stay in bed and watch Netflix. I am 13,796 kilometers away from the country i call home and some days i put my adventures aside, pop some popcorn, put on a good show and stay in bed. Haha

I’m writing this to prove to people that you don’t need to be rich, famous or anyone special to travel, work and live abroad. I’m a small town girl who ran off in to the horizon. 3 countries, 11 months later.. here i can. Still living abroad, if i can. SO CAN YOU!

Sometimes i take a look at myself in the mirror and question what i’m doing abroad instead of building a career, and a stable life back home, like many of my friends are doing , but then i shake it off and smile. Because i’m doing what i want and i’ve never been happier!

Spending hours looking at travel photos? Wishing you could experience it yourself? Then here are my best tips for you!

  1. Dare to step out of your comfort zone.
  2.  Make a budget – How much money will you need? Will you  be able to work? and when your budget is made, make sure to put away some of it in an emergency fund. You never know what might happen.
  3. Always, always have enough money put aside so that you in worst case could buy yourself a plane ticket home, or have a return ticket booked. Life gets a bit more interesting when you take risks, but you don’t want get stranded somewhere!
  4. Save money. Question your daily expenses, is there anything you can cut down? I got surprised by how much i could save by simply cutting down on a few simple things..

I wouldn’t say i’m living the most glamours life, i don’t have much at all actually. I have my suitcase, my backpack and a creative mind! How far that will get me, i guess we will find out. 

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  • Andre September 29, 2017 at 23:46

    Strahan was a fun time!
    Welcome back home to the north.


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