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So i was in the middle of writing a post about how farm life can be, and i realize i couldn’t write a post like that without giving you some tips on what to do and what not to do when applying for your farm work! You could apply some of these tips for most jobs but the focus is 2nd year visa jobs.  Down below you will get first hand tips from me! I wouldn’t call myself an expert of even say i’m close to one, but i’m always happy if i can help someone!

But if you’re about to start looking for your own regional work, you should keep reading!

Where to find them:


Backpacker Job board


Facebook groups –  backpacker jobs in Australia / Australia backpackers / 2nd year visa jobs  / Farm work Australia /  Regional farm work /

Fruitpicking jobs

There are many travel agencies who also offer their help and assistance for a payment, I’ve heard mixed things about them and i never used any of them myself so i can’t really help you with this.

Also, google is your friend!

What not to say!

Looking for another girl while i was here on the farm, we have gone through a lot of applications. So i thought i’d share my top 3 things on what not to say when you’re applying for a job!

  1. I think is pretty obvious for everyone. Do not lie. If they’re asking for something ex; Drivers license. If they’re asking for it it’s usually because they need you to drive while on the farm.
  2. Do not mention a few days work. ”I’ve worked at the tomato farm for 2 days” .. instant no. Weather it was your own choice to leave because the place was horrible or if you got fired, it looks bad. You will look like you’re either a very picky worker, or a slow bad worker. So its better to not mention it all all! Unless they ask.
  3.  Do you give them your life story. If something isn’t relevant for the positon, don’t mention it. No one needs to know that you’re 2nd brother is traveling through Spain when you’re gonna pick tomatoes in Australia. Keep it professional and simple, sell yourself, but keep your family out of it! 


What to think about!

  1.  Trust your instinct! I can’t stress this enough.. No matter how good it sounds or what you hear, trust your own gut. My fellow swede almost went to another farm closer to her partner because it would’ve been handy for them both. But in the end, she didn’t have a good feeling about it so she came here instead. A few days ago she found that exact farm as #5 of farms not to trust and go to.  I just want to point out that this list is made by backpackers, for backpackers and i do not know how accurate it is. You can find the list HERE
  2.  Do not pay anything in advance. No professional farm will ask you to pay to come there. The rent money and what not can be deducted from your first paycheck easily.
  3. Ask for ABN. If they’re unable to give you an ABN, that’s a big warning sign. The ABN is a unique 11 digit number that identifies the business or the organisation to the government.
  4. Don’t forget to make sure you’re in the right zip code area!  You can check that by visiting this site, the one and only. To look it up straight away i’ve made direct links for you.  Visa 416  – Visa 462 Different rules for different visa, so make sure you know what applies for your visa!
  5.  Season. Depending on when you’re searching for work you will have to consider re-locating. I did my own mid winter-Spring in north Queensland and i would not recommend doing it during summer this far up north because it is really hot now and its not even summer..

I do hope this information helps, if you have any stories about your own experiences i’d love to hear them! Good luck. 

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