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I think everyone can relate when I say that it does give you a knot in the stomach typing that email to your insurance and claiming money back for whatever reason. The thoughts that go through your head..

Do I have a good enough reason? Will I get any money back at all? Will they decline my demand? and how long will it take? 

Insurance companies are not known for being fast, and they’re quite famous for finding reasons to NOT give you money when you request it. Atleast it’s the impression I’ve gotten haha. So I got pretty surprised when I, less than 24 hour since I sent them an email.. get an email saying that they have reviewed my case and the money should be in my account in less than a week.

Just like that!

What a relief! What a company! I’m really impressed with how quickly they handled my case and how easy I got my money back. I’m definetly gonna re-new my travel insurance with this company when its time (in a few weeks)

Up until now i don’t think i fully understood how important it is to have a good (and prefarable cheap) travel insurance!  All the times i’ve done things that could have ended quite badly… But hey! What don’t you do for the adrenaline rush?

This time it was ooonly a tooth infection, imagine if i would have broken a leg, lost an arm.. caught fire.. imagine the price for something like that. And imagine not having insurance for it! It would truly be a nightmare come true.

If anyone is interested in what company i got my travel insurance through I’ll post a link below. I would highly recommend it.


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