My life is a lot harder than it seems

We’re off tomorrow so we thought we’d stay up ‘late’ and have a movie night. A really good idea, except for the breaks we had to take because the wifi isn’t the best haha. Oh well, we saw the whole movie in the end so can’t really complain!

So we put my computer on a chair outside and cuddled up in some blankets on the couch and found a site to watch Les misérables on! That movie is amazing, it has so many talented actors in it. I’m gonna have the song of angry men on my mind for days now, so worth it!

If you like musicals and movies that contain history & drama this would be a movie for you! Hugh Jackman plays Jean Valjean, a man convicted to jail for stealing a loaf of bread. You get to follow how his life turns out after he gets released, which is really interesting with a lot of twists!

After that we returned to our room and i dropped my stainless steel waterbottle, the sounds it made when it hit the floor.. especially when you’re a bit tired.. oh my, i wouldn’t even wish that for my enemy. While it was jumping around (read:making devil noices) on the floor i automatically said ‘ugh, life’s hard’.. which made my roommate look at me and laugh at me, when i tried to defend myself by saying that it’s hard because it’s so late.. I realised it was barely 10pm.. I used to make fun of my friend for wanting to go to bed before 11.. and here i am, complaining about loud noices at 10pm because it’s waaaaay past my bedtime.. 

Then i started laughing, My life is as easy as it gets if all i have to complain about is those devil noices. ‘Hard’ life

FYI. Yes, this is pretty much how interesting my life is at the moment! I get excited for eating popcorn for the first time in over 3 months and for staying up past 10pm! Woooah, I’m gonna enjoy this simple, carefree life as long as i can!

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