Devils drop!

Pro tip! When someone invites you to the ”devils drop” creek, you should really picture yourself a devils drop and think twice before you say you’re gonna jump off it!

After some very steep downhill bushwalking we arrived, it was a hidden little paradise only locals know of and a few empty redbull cans was the only visable sign that people had been there before us.

13 meter between me and the water, trust me when i say it felt a lot higher when i was standing on the edge.. i almost didn’t do it. But only almost.. because i do love my adrenaline rushes!

On the farm they call me spawn of satan haha, can you guess why? And ofcourse, the spawn of satan can’t be discouraged by a little devils drop! No way! 

Deadly drop off’s was not all that excisted here. Small pools, caved out areas and natural slides combined with small but lovely waterfalls also decorated the place. Everything compleatly surrounded by nature, with only a small path leading you back up to the road.


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