My Beautiful Pai

Pie-Pai.. same same, but different. One you eat and one you visit
If you’re gonna stick around you’re gonna have to get used to my silly sayings, haha. It’s part of the package!

Since my life isn’t all that interesting right now i will post mostly about what happened BEFORE i started working on the farm. It’s only for another month so hopefully i won’t bore anyone to death.

In thailand we visited multiple cities, but one i fell in love with was Pai. I booked the hostel kind of last minute the night before and it was amazing. The town itself isn’t big but has a bit of a ”hippie-vibe” to it which i loved. Our hostel was located a bit out of town and had a lot of activities which is exactly why i choose it. There was pois lying around, it had a slackline, a pool & free Yoga classes (almost) every day! Hatha Yoga in the morning and Acro Yoga in the evening.

If you ever go up North in Thailand, you have to check it out! You won’t find such good vibe everywhere! Even if you just want to lay down by the pool & bake in the sun with nature surrounding you, this is the place for you! I had a friend with me who didn’t do any of the activites but she still had a blast!

This was the first time i tried Acro Yoga with a partner and it opened up a whole new world. Trust is something that’s been very difficult for me and to trust someone i’ve never met.. that was a challange. I struggled at first but the moment i relaxed and decided to give all my trust to the person holding me up, i was flying. I have never in my life felt so calm and so in controll of my movements. Strange how letting my guard down could make me feel more in controll, Such an amazing feeling!

It was such a strange feeling at first, but as the practice went on, i became more comfortable with it. An incredible experience, if you ever get the chance to try it and you are interested, i recommend it. Step out of your comfort zone

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