Life changing

Just because you’re not happy where you are in life doesn’t mean you have to change yourself, sometimes it’s enough to just you have to change everything else.  (i’m not gonna pretend like it’s easy. it’s damn hard and sometimes i’m not even sure what i’m doing or how i’m doing it. but here i am)

So i did.. i changed everything else, the only consistant in my life right now is Me and my laptop. My dear friend who i spend hours just writing on. Writing about life, about my dreams, about places to see and adventures to go on. My ”life” back in Sweden feels so distant, even though i was doing everything you’re suppose to do just 12 months ago. Back home i graduated school like your suppose to, got an apartment, a cat and a job in the bakery, that’s some peoples dream. I had it, but i didn’t want it. Not yet.. if ever.

It wasn’t my dream, but it took me a little while to figure that out. 

So i let go of the apartment, my friend took my cat & i quit my job. I sold or gave away most of the stuff i had, the few boxes of stuff i wanted to keep is sitting in some dusty corner in a basement, waiting, longing for the day they will get unpacked again.

The hardest part was figuring out what to bring with you in your suitcase and backpack. Now, after almost a year there are a few things i would have wanted to bring, and a few things i wish i would have left. Exactly what i’ll tell you in another post!

Do i regret giving it up? Hell no! I am a free spirit now (almost, if i was rich it would be a lot easier..), a forest child. I have a big smile on my face and mud between my toes, and as long as i have money home for a plane ticket (if worse come to worse), what more can i ask for?

PHOTO QUIZ: Am i pretending to be a bear? Am i singing opera? Am i dancing to Frozen’s – let it go? Who cares

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