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My own little corner of the world we’re all living in. That’s how i see this blog. Because i will be able to go back and re-live it after years have passed. And if there is one thing i cannot forget to write about, It’s my latest trip to Thailand! 

I went to Thailand for about 3 months ago and stayed for 3 weeks. It was like a little holiday from the backpacking i was doing in Australia.. haha. This time i didn’t go on my own, i actually met up with a friend in Melbourne and we went there together! We stayed a few days in Bangkok to get the typical tourist experience because we were both Thailand-virgins but we quickly moved up North!

The temples we visited were breathtaking and their culture is so different compared to the europen culture i’m so familiar with.

My favourite day in Thailand must have been the day we spent at Elephant retirement park close to Chiang Mai. I spent a lot of time trying to find a humane, animal friendly park with elephants that did not allow riding or hooks. I found a few and we decided try this place. We were not disapointed. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

And for every vegan/vegetarian friend out there, Thailand is food heaven for people like us. Just thought i’d put that in here.

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