The opposite of loneliness

After being away from home for almost 11 months now people have started asking me if i get lonely and say that they’d never be able to do this because they’re afraid of being lonely.

”isn’t it lonely?” ”Don’t you miss your friends and family?” ”Isn’t it boring always being on your own?”

Let’s just start with informing you that when i started this journey i wasn’t on my own. It was acutally a friend of mine who i’d only known for a few months who asked me to come with her to Australia. She went home after a few months but that’s a story for another time..

We moved together to Tasmania where we both started working, so by the time she left i had already gotten a few friends and made myself comfortable in that tiny little town. After 6 months in Tassie the season came to an end and i left, by that time i had a taste of what wandering felt like and decided to head over to explore Australias mainland.

I was a bit nervous, being so far away from anything that felt familiar and this time i would be on my own from the start. But i have loved every moment of it! I met some other travelers that i liked with a similar rut as me so we started meeting up in different cities.

I’m surrounded by people most days actually, i have made new friends along the way that feel like family, but most importantly. I am comfortable with my own company! 

And there are days when I actually want to be alone. Especially when you’re always on the move and meet new people all the time. Then sneak away somewhere quiet and enjoy the silence. It might be harder if you’re in a really populated area, but usually there is always a spot or two you can sneak away to!

I do miss my family and friends, but they will always be there when i come back! If you’re thinking about traveling solo. It’s not as hard as it seems, your mother will worry but you will have the time of your life! Or maybe you won’t, but you’ll never know if you never go.

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